James Hancock

James Hancock Born: 1 May 1776, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newchapel, Staffordshire, England
Christened: 27 November 1776
Parents: James Hancock (~1750) and Mary Hancock (~1755)
Siblings: Mary Hancock (1820 Settler, born 1788, died 25 May 1863)
                (married Charles Thomas Croft, 14 January 1821, Salem)
                (Mary Hancock is buried in the old Grahamstown Cemetery)
Married: Ann Kennedy, 21 February 1808, Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, London, England
Children: Charles James Hancock, 21 February 1809, London (died 26 February 1813, London)
                George Frederick Hancock, 5 November 1810, London (died 7 April 1811, London)
                Margaret Ann Hancock, 5 April 1812, London (died 16 August 1826, Grahamstown)
                James Hancock, 7 February 1814, London (died 3 March 1815, London)
                Joseph Ebenezer Hancock, 13 June 1816, London
                Thomas Hancock, 17 March 1818, London (died 16 June 1895, Hancock Grange farm)
                Samuel Hancock, 27 March 1820, on board the Aurora
                    (died 23 June 1886, Grahamstown)
                Benjamin Hancock, 16 June 1823, Salem (died 22 January 1825, Grahamstown)
                    (buried 23 January 1825, St George (Anglican), Grahamstown)
                Rachel Hancock, 26 December 1825, Grahamstown (died 24 March 1869, Port Elizabeth)
                Ann Eliza Hancock, 14 December 1827, Port Elizabeth (died 18 January 1850, St John's River)
                Elizabeth Kennedy, 19 August 1832, Port Elizabeth (died 19 January 1834, Port Elizabeth)
                Clarissa Charlotte Hancock, 5 November 1834, Port Elizabeth (died 29 October 1906, Harrismith)
Died: 20 August 1837, Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony
Buried: St Mary's Cemetery (Old Settler Cemetery), South End, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Coordinates: 3357'56.66"S and 2537'32.73"E, elevation 11m

The portrait shown above is very often (incorrectly) linked to the name of James Hancock, but is in fact of his son Joseph Ebenezer Hancock.  


Aurora 1820 Settler, part of Hezekiah Sephton's party in the ship Aurora (344 passengers).
Departed from London on 15 February 1820. Arrived at Simon's Bay 1 May 1820.
Arrived at final destination of Algoa Bay, Cape Colony on 15 May 1820.

James Hancock was a china painter. He founded an art school in Grahamstown.
James Hancock was a Wesleyan lay preacher. In 1833, he had a street named after him (Hancock Street) in Port Elizabeth.

James Hancock James Hancock James Hancock

Hancock's Drift

The story of James Hancock and his family is told in the book "Hancock's Drift" by Frederic Whinchcombe Powell.

(Click on the image of the book cover for further details.)

Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, London

Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury

Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury

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