Germiston Landmarks

Germiston Lake

Germiston Lake

Lake Club Apartments

Lake Club Apartments, Germiston

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church The Presbyterian Church is a proclaimed National Monument.

St Boniface Anglican Church

St Boniface Anglican Church St Boniface Anglican Church was designed by Sir Herbert Baker.

Methodist Church

Germiston Central Methodist Church


Germiston Synagogue

Germiston High School

Germiston High School

City Hall

Germiston City Hall

Civic Centre

Germiston Civic Centre

Post Office

Germiston Post Office

Carnegie 'Library'

Germiston - old Carnegie Library building The old 'Carnegie Library' building has been converted into a restaurant.

Golden Walk

Golden Walk

Alexander Hotel

Alexander Hotel, Germiston

Masonic Hotel

Masonic Hotel, Germiston

Kings Hotel

Kings Hotel, Germiston

Wilson's Building, 1908

Wilson's Building, 1908, Germiston

President Street

President Street, Germiston President Street, the main street through the city, was once a major shopping area, but a large part of the area has gone into decline.

First National Bank

First National Bank, President Street, Germiston

Driehoek Stadium

Driehoek Stadium, Germiston Driehoek Stadium, Germiston Driehoek Stadium was once the home of Germiston Callies soccer team, but the sports field is now only a shadow of its former self, and the grandstand is almost completely demolished.

Road House

Road House, Germiston

Roxana Bakery

Roxana Bakery, Germiston Roxana Bakery was renowned as the best place in town for freshly baked bread and cakes.

Yellow Canary Cafe

Yellow Canary Cafe, Lambton, Germiston The Yellow Canary Cafe in Lambton was a popular local meeting spot.

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